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As the world continues to live in Lockdown, Bars and Melody continue to keep writing banger after banger.

Following on from the recent 'Carpe Diem' mini album release, the newest track 'Holiday' is scheduled for release on March 26th 2021. The guys don't hold back lyrically and let all of their emotions pour out all over the track.

The video for 'Holiday' is as beautiful as it is dark which reflects the song perfectly.

Bars and Melody's current 3.7 million Youtube  subscribers, 1.3 million instagram followers, 1.1 million Facebook followers and 793K Twtter followers will be streaming this track on repeat.

Summer is coming and we all need a Holiday after this prolonged COVID-19 lockdown

Bars and Melody formed in 2014 and took the world by storm  when their debut single 'Hopeful' entered the UK charts at number 5. Fast forward 6 years, several world tours and platinum albums later, Bars and Melody are ready to take it to another level.

Plans are still in place to tour the world, starting in the UK late October 2021.

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