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Your Ultimate Inflatable Dome Tent for Stages and Private Parties

Discover Our Dome Tent

Our inflatable dome tent is the perfect solution for creating a unique and inviting atmosphere for your events.


Whether you're hosting a private party or setting up a stage for a public event, our dome tent offers both functionality and style.

Key Features

Design and Structure:

  • Spacious interior perfect for various events.

  • Dome-shaped design ensures ample space and aesthetic appeal.



  • High-quality 0.55 mm PVC bottom for extra durability.

  • 0.3 mm PVC construction for a sturdy yet flexible structure.


Stability and Setup:

  • Equipped with D rings at both the bottom and top for secure anchoring.

  • Inflates using 2 fans; maintains shape with just 1 fan once fully inflated.



  • Features windows with Velcro attachments for easy adjustment.



  • Width: 1500.00 cm

  • Height: 1100.00 cm

  • Depth: 725.48 cm

  • Side Height: 606.52 cm

  • Front Open Side Width: 1326.65 cm

Versatile Uses


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